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John Altendorf Clearing 4.05 meters at World Masters Indoor Pole Vault Kamloops

We were the 55 to 59 age group for the pole vault at the Kamloops World Masters Indoor track meet. We were in the call room, waiting for hours for our chance to jump.  The previous crowd of vaulters was running slow.  When it was apparent that much time was still to go they let us leave the call area, so we went around and got in the stands to watch some of the 60+ vaulters.  They only gave us 20 minutes.  We came back down and groused about not being able to see John.  We got tidbits of information.  We heard a roar and groans for each missed attempt at 4.02 and then great cheers when he cleared 4.02.  The other events being completed, they escorted us finally to the center of the track to watch the final vaults.  We got there after John had cleared 4.05 meters, setting a record at 4.02 and setting it even higher at 4.05.  My father took a great video of the 4.05 attempt, but it is too long to show here.  John was sitting in his chair contemplating the jump, looking very focused and almost pensive.  Then he noticed someone in the crowd, smiled, gave a thumbs up, and stood up and began the preparations for the vault.  I have included the actual vault in the video clip.  You can see the 4.05 meter sign go by as he runs up for his vault. 

I shall be reviewing this one for some time to improve my pole vault skills.


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