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Pole Vault step marks near the box

At the World Masters Indoor track and field meet in Kamloops we were allowed to place markers outside the lane that were provided by the officials or to place tape marks outside the lane. However, any tape marks in the region of the box, even outside the lane, were removed.
I am used to having a mark for my takeoff foot and found this to be a major change, not that it greatly impacted my pole vault height. I’m wondering whether this is an official guideline or if it just happened to be a practice in place at that meet. I feel this could be a potential safety concern. In pole vaulting, a step too far under (too close to the box relative to the top hand) or too far out (too far away from the box relative to the top hand) can create issues with extreme stress on the body or excessive bend in the pole resulting in dangerous bend dynamics. What is the harm with having a mark outside the lane for vaulters? It establishes a target region for safe take off. I’d be interested in your opinion/advice.


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