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Early left arm take off drills

These are from 3/16/2010 — The goal is to have a straight left arm on take-off.  It serves a couple of purposes, if I understand it properly — it serves to help keep your body back during the beginning of the vault and it assists in beginning the bend.  Chuck is just beginning to get the idea of what it means to have a solid left arm:

In talking to some vaulting coaches, it appears when holding lower, it is better to put the left arm closer to the top hand because of the difficulty in approaching having the pole and hold parallel to the ground.  In addition, there is some work on the leg position at take-off that will help achieve the desired effect, which is to keep the body behind the pole and lower.

Phil is getting a better idea of a firm left arm, but still needs leg work — notice how the right leg doesn’t hold in the bent position.


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