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Take off drills on leg action for pole vault

It has been a long time since my last post.  Real life hit us in the face.  We visited an aunt and got to participate in the process from her being relatively healthy to her dying of pancreatic cancer in just two months.  She was a special person and will leave a large hole in our lives.  Finally we are back home and practicing pole vault drills again.  Chuck, my dad, just ran the North Olympic Discovery Marathon from Sequim to Port Angeles, so he did a couple very short drills, but is also ready to get back on track.  We are looking forward to some local meets coming up, including the Northwest Masters meet on June 19th.

So, I started by working on my take-off drills.  Todays entry is about my attempt to improve my kick up of the right knee on take off, while leaving the left leg trailing.  I think you’ll see that I improved some since the last post.  Adding a straight left arm makes it more complex and I’ll be working on that.  Next will come adding the delay at the takeoff and keeping my right arm long until I’m inverted, which is much more difficult at present — I get overwhelmed with so much to memorize.


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