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Sunday pole vault practice before Washington State Senior Games

Chuck finally came home from an extended trip to a grandson’s marriage. We picked up his and my joint practices immediately. We are both still on the journey to proper inversion. I’ve been working on my left arm lately, having spent a couple of late evenings re-examining the Beginner to Bubka book again. There appears to be a subtle difference between using the left arm to try to bend the pole and using the left arm to try to get a better swing up, but I think I’m beginning to get it. The point is to hang from both extended arms, which allows you to provide some resistance in your trunk when you are swinging your legs up. I’m finally starting to get a little left arm control, but have a ways to go. My stride seems to be lengthening, so I’ve been more under than out recently. I’m going to set my outside mark a little farther out. It also appears that I’m watching my left arm during the vault to make sure it is remaining stiff and so I’m not fully rotating. Also, I’ve neglected high bar drills lately, so I’m not driving into the vertical position very will. Oh well, lots of room for improvement. I can feel it in my left arm when I’m starting to keep it more stiff — it gets tired.

Chuck appears to have pretty good leg action on take off, but appears to be blocking the pole with his body and still wants to ‘marry’ the pole.  I’m thinking his speed is a little down, probably because he’s not wearing his spikes.


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