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Pole Vault Drills 2010-07-21

Practice went a little better tonight.  The left arm is still a project and the rotation to inversion is still going slowly, but the combination is beginning to show progress.  Here’s my best vault tonight on the 12’6″ 150 pole.

I’m finally beginning to actually get my seat out of the pike position.

I decided to try to pole vault on my 14 ft 140 lb pole tonight. That’s a bit under my weight, but I never get near the top. I was actually able to hold the left arm barely and didn’t hang long enough at the takeoff, but at least I got the pole vertical. If I can get my form together over the next two days I have a real chance of having a year’s personal best. If not, I’ll keep working on the 12’6″ 150lb pole.

I don’t know if I’ll be able to get vertical by Saturday, but I’m beginning to feel that with continued work I can keep improving and be more vertical.

Here’s my best vault on the 14ft 140lb tonight. Needs some work, but there’s a glimmer of hope.

Chuck had some good progress tonight. He was holding a little higher and still was able to get more inverted. With the adrenalin on Saturday at the Washington State Senior Games he should have the speed to penetration further and have some good vaults.


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