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Progress over the past week and a half?

After my performance at the Washington State Senior Games for 2010 where I had my worst pole vault of my years on the competition, I decided to redouble my efforts to keep my form in training AND in competition.  We’ll see how I do at the Olympic Peninsula Senior Games at the end of August.  I have attached a video that takes you through a week and a half of my best vaults.  To the untrained eye they all look about the same, but check out the top of the feet over the pole, the straightness of the body and how close to the pole I am hugging the pole.  If I can get consistent at this, then I can start trying to improve my push off the pole.  Dropping the feet at the right time in the right way will help that.

These shots are my best vaults from the 20th of July 2010 through the 30th of July.


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