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Washington State Senior Games Pole Vault — Phil and Chuck’s journey

We had a smaller than usual crowd this year, which is surprising, given that this is a national qualifying year. Chuck vaulted 6’6″, which is pretty standard for him. He had a fairly good shot at 7’0″, but as always our challenge is to get that seat up in the air.

I reverted to form again 🙁 and, while I had a fairly good practice run I barely made 9’00” and had a fairly good clear at 9’6″, but couldn’t make 10’00”. On looking at the video later, I realized I had once again reverted to all the mistakes I normally make — collapsed left arm, bent left leg, and not driving the right leg. I chickened out on going to my 14 foot 140 pole because there was a slight headwind, but in retrospect I would have at least gone higher with lousy form. That would have broken my rule of turning into a quality vaulter instead of just bulling it over as high as I can reach.

Here’s Chuck clearing 6’6″ at 77 years old:

Here’s me missing my best attempt at 10 feet, very frustrating:

I decided to learn from my mistakes at the Senior Games and really focus on form. You’ll see my journey on the next blog.


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