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Minor setback

I’m not sure how it happened, but Chuck and I were talking about how to extend more on take-off, so I was trying to stretch more on my left leg on take off and strained an abdominal muscle.  It hurts on certain vaults and on high bar drills.  The Port Angeles Senior Games are only a couple of weeks away, so the timing is pretty bad.  I’ve stopped vaulting for several days and am applying Traumel and massaging the area.  I am excited about how much more vertical I’m getting recently, so the prospect that I may not be able to see the benefits in competition this year is very frustrating.  It’s only one muscle and not a very severe strain, but I can really feel a strong twinge/pain when I extend on the vault, to the point that I’m afraid to have it hit twice because it does seem to get worse if I aggravate it (Of course I tested it and found that didn’t help!).

When I’m vaulting I have a mantra — left leg straight, left arm straight, right knee bent and don’t let it extend during the vault (this seems to be a very significant factor in getting vertical).  Another thing I’ve learned recently is to think of the left arm as a control point so one doesn’t try to power it so much.


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