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Finally back practicing

I laid off pole vaulting for three weeks after the Olympic Peninsula Senior Games.  I finally felt that the pain had subsided enough about a week ago to resume some stretching drills.  If I really extended my body at that time I could still feel a tight spot.  It was kind of weird, I had a tight spot near the surface of my abdomen near the navel and several muscles I could feel nestled near the front inside near the hip bone that hurt when I massaged them.  I wasn’t fully convinced any of these were strains, but sure enough, after enough rest they went away.  I kept stretching, running, and doing some core exercises more intensely until yesterday, when the weather cleared up enough (we live in the Pacific Northwest so drying out the pit is important) to vault.  I did about 8 or 9 vaults on our 12 foot 120 pole and felt great — no pain.  As far as form went, I have regressed some, but am getting my feet to the pole, so I haven’t totally lost it.  I was going to vault tonight but the rains started again — also I need to not overdo it as I resume regular practices.  I think I’ll aim for tomorrow and do some stretching tonight.  Rats — some sun is showing, making the decision harder.


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