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Fall is here

Chuck and I are settling into the fall season, working on form and trying to improve our skills. I’ve been pain free for a couple of weeks now, so I’m back to doing high bar drills and working on my left arm and right leg form during my vault. Dick, my brother-in-law, has been advising us on our pole placement during take-off, so we are working to eliminate a defect in our pole transfer from vertical to down into the box. Chuck is working on his left arm so he’s not married to the pole.
It is amazing how many skills I had worked so hard to improve had regressed during my injury. Particularly, my right knee was bending at the beginning, then straightening out during the rock back and then re-bending. That effectively serves to reduce the rotation to inversion.
I’m noticing that I am not powering through to full inversion fast enough. It is like I don’t believe I really need to rotate far enough, so I slow down during my inversion and then finish out early. I’m going to work on continuing to power through to full inversion, and then begin the push for height and rotation over the cross bar.
So much to do with old age creeping up on me fast.
The UW has some sessions for people to practice during the winter and I’ve been wanting to participate for several years, but haven’t been able to. I’m hoping this will be the year to make the trip over and get in some practice with other pole vaulting friends and improve my form even more.
I had hoped to participate in some events this winter. The Hunstman games does not appear to have the pole vault any more :-(, so that is out, but the Pole Vault Summit in Reno looks like a fun possibility. They don’t seem to have the age classifications that the masters and seniors meets have, but it would be fun anyway. I may inquire into setting up a booth for the glass sculptures to see if other people are interested in having their own pole vault sculptures.


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