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Fall Breezes In

Most of the winter the pole vault pit looks like thisI’ve been away for a couple of weeks.  The picture is how the pit looks most of the fall, winter, and early spring.

Here’s the routine for this time of year:

  • I wait until the day is dry enough to be safe on the runway. 
  • I take the weights off the tarp on the pit and runway
  • I take the tarp off the pit
  • I take the special tarp for the box off the area over the box and start of runway
  • I take the crumpled tarp over the box next
  • I take the covering board off the box — with luck, it is dry (it has taken me two years to figure out how to keep it dry, but it seems to be working now).
  • I take the tarp off the runway
  • I take a practice jump (today I didn’t warm up — bad boy!).  There is enough residual moisture in the pit to give it a soggy feel.
  • I put a practice bungy at about 8 feet (remember I haven’t vaulted for several weeks, what with the rain and travel)
  • I take a few more practice jumps — form is not great, but am achieving some verticality.
  • I reassemble all the tarps and weights
  • I hope for reasonable weather soon to restart the process.


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