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Windy days

Today the tarp blew most of the way off the pole vault pit.  We had gusts of over 50 miles per hour this morning.  I vaulted a couple of days ago in a partly cloudy period between the rains.  I was trying to get back in some shape after having been in Needles.  I can make 9 feet pretty much any time.  When I get a couple days of workout I get pretty consistent at 10 feet.  Getting vertical when the crossbar is in place and increasing core body strength are my two continuing work areas.  It would help if I translated that into more disciplined weight training.  I’m working on it.

Here in Sequim it doesn’t rain much, but just enough for me to keep the tarp on the pit and runway.  The tarp on the runway is a little older and needs to be replaced, as it doesn’t keep the runway completely dry.  On days like this, most or all of the tarp can blow off the pit and then it gets wet.  We put some pallets on it a few minutes ago to help keep the tarp down in the wind.  We have an idea for some concrete to act as weights and some bungee cords to tie onto the tarp.  This usually works until the wind action causes the holes to tear and then one is back to putting boards and pallets on the tarps.

We are getting ready to build a carport to house our motor home.  I’m planning to put some rope and swing bar in there so we can do some of our drills here at the house.  It would have been nice to have built it big enough for an indoor pit, but that won’t happen until we win the lottery.


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