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Snow days in Sequim

Well, it’s a little hard to vault in 50mph gales, then the snow drifted over the pole vault pit. It should thaw by tomorrow and maybe I can get some winter vaulting in. Here’s a shot of the pole vault pit in the snow:

Snow on Pole Vault Pit from 11/22/2010

We had 7 inches of snow on November 22nd, then the wind blew all night.  We are at the beach, so we had much higher winds than Sequim and it blew the snow off the flat places and drifted around corners and knobs.  Today on Thanksgiving there is a light thaw and a beautiful mixture of terrain and snow.  One of the best weather Thanksgivings I have seen.  In Sequim they had much lower winds, so the snow tended to stay where it fell.


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