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Bellingham tonight 2011-01-06

Got to vault with Chuck at Bellingham tonight.  Hadn’t lost as much as I thought through the alternative cold and rainy conditions.  It has helped to keep running with Chuck fairly regularly.  Chuck looked pretty good on a couple of vaults at about 6’6″.  I was able to be up in the 10 foot range +.  Dick Henrie, as always, gave insightful advice.  Particularly, I really have to go past my comfort zone in going vertical.  I’m better able to go vertical, but I’m cutting off early, thinking I’m already vertical.  In addition, I tend to hold on a bit too long with my left arm, preventing vertical takeoff.  Looking forward to next time, in about a week.  Additionally, the Pole Vault Summit is coming up.  I won’t be allowed to sell the glass sculptures there :-<, but at least I’ll be able to rub shoulders with a LOT of vaulters.  That should be some experience.


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