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Pole Vault Summit!

I’m excited about the Pole Vault Summit.  It appears to be REALLY big.  So many vaulters and training opportunities!  Chuck and I are going to try and learn something (a difficult task at our age) and improve our vaulting quality.  Becca is sponsoring a signing activity for vaulters to help raise funds for them, as there isn’t much sponsorship for vaulters out there.  We’ll be putting some flyers and a couple of t-shirts in some bags to help out, if we arrive on time. 

We’ve had three sessions at Bellingham with Dick and Scott over the past month, so that has helped us get a little bit back in shape and work on our winter form.  The mantra is still — “Get more vertical!”   As Dick expressed it, I have to get past my comfort zone.  Current things to work on is to keep the pace constant clear to take-off instead of my habit of lengthening out, and also to remember to release the left hand if I ever do get vertical.

I have no doubt I have it in me, just which year will it be.  Wish us luck.


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