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Working out on a regular schedule

This winter has been a kind of a bust for outdoor practice.  We have had a week of snow now.  It has been either rainy or cold for a long time.  I decided to step up and start a regular exercise program with real equipment.  I joined a local fitness club and have instituted a program of conditioning.  I was going to do circuit training on the stations in the facility but as part of joining I had a session with a trainer.  She recommended using more exercises based on balance and core body and moved me off the circuit trainers and onto more free exercises — I think it is the right thing.  Balancing on a ball on one foot is hard enough, particularly with my left foot.  I run a mile to warm up, with 1/2 mile at a faster pace than normal.  Second I move to the balance drills, using an inflated half-ball, doing single leg balancing, squats, tossing weighted balls while balancing, and doing several types of push-up like drills.  I do pull-ups and push ups, then I move to several cable weight drills designed to use the full body while moving the arms.  I do some bench squats with just my own weight (OK, so I’m a wimp) and different leg positions, then some free weighted arm routines.  I’ve added a couple of exercises more tuned to pole vaulting, such as inversion drills hanging on a bar and some somersaults on the floor.  By that time I’m ready for some muscle stretching/relaxing drills.  As I get a little stronger, I intend to add some handstand drills.  I’m trying to get more comfortable with being fully inverted.  I started making progress this past week on fully inverting on the bar, so I’m cautiously optimistic.


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