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Sequim weather and good practice

It is good to see the rapid improvement of the Sequim High School pole vaulters.  Brad gives great coaching tips (which I record in my mental log for use in my own vaulting).  He allows me to vault along with the student vaulters, so I can get a good practice and receive some coaching tips custom to me.  He taught the students (all first year vaulters) the high bar inversion drill tonight.  I’ve got some better insight in how to do it now and will include some video in a future blog.  He has a couple of drills that I enjoy on the edge of the pit:

  • Trail left leg and drive right knee and see how far you can go into the pit.
  • Step up onto pit with right leg (simulating a driving knee) and swing through with a straight left leg

For me, we are working on being high with both arms at take of to get behind the pole better, allowing the pole to bend more freely and the inversion to happen more naturally.  My mantra, as always, is long left leg, driving right knee, high extension of both arms on take-off.  I had two good vaults on the 140 12’6″ pole where I got most of it right, landing in the back of the pit with good penetration and good pole bend.  If I can keep consistent on that we could move up to the 150 and see if I can keep a strong left arm.  So much to remember on each vault!

Jay at Anytime Fitness has been working with Chuck and me on some drills to improve core strength, power of movement, and speed.  Other than being a step change in workout intensity, so I’m more sore than usual, I think they are great drills to improve overall conditioning, speed, and power.  If pickleball tonight was any indication, I think I’m seeing a difference already from working out regularly.  My speed to the ball seems better and my consistency of stroke was better tonight than usual.

If you noticed, that makes for about 5 and 1/2 hours of workout tonight, I’m a little sore and tired, but I feel good.  There are a couple of meets coming up in May and June that will let me see if I’m getting better.  I have to say, I respond better to having a coach than training on my own.  A new indoor pole vault facility has opened up in Everett, run by McKane Lee.  I’m excited about getting over there, but the distance and my schedule make it somewhat difficult.  Dave Butler, another senior vaulter, reports that McKane has been instrumental in improving Dave’s pole-vaulting performance.  Given this past winter, I yearn for access to an indoor facility.  Today was a classic day, we had sun, hail, rain, and there were snow showers on Lost Mountain road just a few miles away from the Sequim High School track.  That’s pretty much the standard for this winter.  We still can’t turn around in our driveway in anything but our four wheel drive vehicles because the ground is like a skating rink with so much water in the soil.

Still, it has been fun, and a great journey with the students at the local high school.  They are motivated, willing to to drills, and are showing rapid improvement.  In a better spring I bet they would already have been doing well at meets.


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