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Second trip to ProVault facility

Chuck and I ran Bloomsday on Sunday, promptly drove back that night.  Monday I had both core training drills and pole vault practice.

Tuesday both Chuck and I went to ProVault at Everett.  We came early enough to watch the high school vaulters run through drills.  McKane kept them on drills for the night, as they had missed some time for spring break.  That was an omen of my night.

We started with simple one step table drills.  When I mastered one drill, McKane would let me go to the next more advanced drill.  I did a little better than the first night, but still had a tendency to pop up, when I should be staying long.  If I regressed, then I was demoted and had to prove I could still master a less advanced drill.  It is frustrating to not just vault, but I’ve been just vaulting for several years and not appreciably improved, so I keep reminding myself that I am trying to unlearn bad habits and grit my teeth.  Finally, at the end of the night I was probably getting tired and not wanting to admit it, so my drills were getting worse.

All told, I proceeded farther than the first night and am feeling better at relearning some basic pole vaulting skills.

Wednesday I practiced the drills at the high school track.  I thought I did OK up to 6 step drills, but didn’t do as well there.  I was doing better holding long into the pit.  At the very end I tried the drill near the top of my 12’6″ 150 pole and was a little frustrated until I went back to a 5 step drill.  Afterwards, I went to pickleball and played hard for a couple of hours.  My body feels the toll of working hard for four straight days.  It was good that I rested today, because I was quite sore — particularly my right leg, which is surprising, because it is usually the left that takes the brunt of work in pole vaulting.  I may have worked it too hard in pickleball without enough rest.

I have core training and pole vault with the high school vaulters tomorrow.  I’ll make sure I’m stretched and recovered before working too hard.

One thing I noticed yesterday — At the very end I tried some pop up drills with the pole and found I was hanging my left leg too long and had to re-learn when to swing it through.  I think that might be a good thing in the long run because that may help me hang longer when needed to allow a better carry forward of the momentum into the popup.  Who knows?  I will continue to do the drills in the order McKane is teaching us until I get them solid and then proceed to the next set of drills when I am ready.  If I can’t use proper technique to go vertical, then I will never reach my goals of going higher, so I have no choice.  Continual repetition of jumping and just trying to go more vertical wasn’t working.


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