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Heading to Houston!

Chuck and I are sitting in SeaTac Airport waiting for our midnight flight to Houston for the National Senior Games.  I have an 8:30 AM (Houston time) pole vault competition for the 60-69 age seniors.  I’m nervous, excited, and wondering if I’ll wake up on time.  I had a fairly good week, clearing 11-0 for the first time since 2007.  I looked at my form and was still disappointed.  If I could actually get somewhat vertical I would go a foot higher, but I still flag off way too early.  Well, some day I will learn what my body should feel like and which muscles to use.  Chuck is ready as he can get for having focused on the Discovery Marathon for most of the spring.  He made 6-0 at the all-comers meet the other day and could make 6-6 on a good jump.  If he can regain some of his skills quickly I think he has the strength and speed to clear 7-0 again, but it would be somewhat surprising if he improves that fast by this Friday, when he vaults.  Chuck is also doing the 100, 400, high jump, and long jump at the Senior Games.  The work with Jay at AnytimeFitness has paid off in several ways — I may not have better form, but I am stronger and faster than usual, allowing me to clear higher heights with the same form as normal.  Chuck ran a good marathon on a very hot day (no one above 70 even ran the race other than him, presumably because of the heat), and in the all-comers meet the other day he ran a 200 on no practice and found that his arm action and strength helped him finish stronger than normal.  Well, Monday afternoon you’ll know whether I slept through the competition, no-heighted, jumped about par, or had a good day.  Whatever happens, we’ll have fun or have some good stories to tell.


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