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Beach Vaults in Seattle-Tacoma 2011

We had a great series of beach pole vaults this summer in Seattle and Tacoma. Mary Saxer won both elite competitions. Her vault at the Seattle Alki Swashbuckler competition of 15-1 placed her in the top ten of the world women vaulters this year.
Here’s her vault:

Scott Roth had a great pole vault also, of 18-1.
Here’s his vault:

Our own McKane Lee vaulted 17-1 in both meets, which is the best he has done for a number of years. Here are both vaults.
Tacoma Freedom Fair:

Seattle Alki Beach Swashbuckler Meet:

I did pretty well, vaulting 11-1 at the Freedom Fair and 11-3 at the Alki Beach Vault. Chuck did 6-2 at the Alki vault, which was disappointing to him after his performance at Houston, but he looked good to me and will be vaulting higher again. Dave Butler was just under 8 feet both meets.

Nothing beats a day at the beach in the sun to go pole vaulting!


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