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Whew! Long second half of summer!

Well, my skills and focus on vaulting went down dramatically after the World Outdoor Masters! I think I wore myself out and had to recover. In addition, I was trying to improve my run and it had a negative effect on my vaulting. Why is it that when I try and improve one aspect of my vault all the others go downhill.

Then, just before the Olympic Peninsula Senior Games I had a kidney stone while at a camp in mountains in Eastern Washington. That was LOT more fun than I care to ever have again.

So… I went from averaging over 11 feet at the beginning of the Summer to not clearing over 10’6″ the rest of the summer. I’m back to working on technique and conditioning. This winter I’m continuing core strength and speed training (well, partially), but I’m adding some drills that focus on my lats. I had several conversations over the summer that have led me to believe that 1) The Summer Games in Houston were a bit of an extreme day for me and 2) I was severely deficient in the muscles that were perhaps the most important ones in pole vaulting. McKane is working with me on my pole carry and plant, which was what I had trouble with the second half of the summer. I had issues with my legs and hamstrings the second half also, so I do think I wore myself out. Well… what a time to peak — at the National Senior Games Championships!

With hard work I should have better pole carry and plant next year with stronger lats to actually do something about it. I’m going to have to relearn how to carry my body longer on takeoff — I seem to have totally unlearned it at the World Outdoor Masters and will have to relearn the whole thing. Some people can pick these things up easily, but I seem to have to learn and relearn the same thing repeatedly.

I think I’ve been a bit down this fall emotionally also, getting overly committed to too many things and having trouble getting going on some of the things important to me. I have always had issues with the ‘velcro’ of life. We add new things to our list all the time, but have a very difficult time getting rid of the old activities we have enjoyed in the past.

Chuck and I are finally back to practicing 2 times a week at Anytime Fitness and taking advice from Jay Bryan, the owner, who has been a great inspiration and coach to us. We are rebuilding our bodies and endurance in preparation for the next year. I haven’t been able to get over to McKane’s as often as I have wanted recently, but I will be going as regularly as I can. It’s a bit of a trip from our house — about 2 to 3 hours each way, so it’s not a trip one takes likely.


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