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Early spring vaulting

I’ve been volunteer coaching with the local Sequim track team and having a blast. We have a lot of vaulters this year and they are improving quickly. Every day I help an athlete become a better vaulter I’m hoping it also helps me become a better vaulter. I try to work out at Anytime Fitness twice a week, mostly on upper body strength. I’m improving slowly but steadily. I’m still running with Chuck in the mornings and Rosaura has started doing more and more running so I’m doing some running with her. When track season is on I don’t have as much time to vault, but I get some reps, especially if we have fewer athletes for the day. Brad Moore is a great vault coach and I learn a lot from him. Our team is quickly getting competitive with respect to other schools and have a good upside still to go. The weather hasn’t been very conducive to opening up my pit, but the forecast for the next few days looks good, so I took the tarp off the top and hope to get some jumps in tomorrow.


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