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End of first real practice week of 2012

80 feet of runway in pretty good shape

80 feet of runway and covered pit

Room for improvement

I’ve been working with the Sequim Track Team vaulters this spring and vaulting occasionally with the vaulters, but only a few vaults per week.   Track season finished just a couple of weeks ago.  In addition, I’ve been repairing the runway at my home pit so I haven’t had the ability to practice at home. In addition, I’ve been a little sensitive about the cost and time required to travel to visit McKane at Everett.

Enough excuses. I went 10’00” at the NW Senior Games after a few days practice on Saturday. I came in first place overall.  I’m sorry that my friend Dave Butler was fighting an injury and couldn’t vault.  Fred is looking better — his work with McKane Lee is paying off, it appears.  Looking at the video of my vaults it was clear that I am strongly bending my left arm and doing a miserable job of rowing through. Also, I seem to have no clue how to bring my left arm to my chest. I’ve pretty much lost all progress that I made last year.  I wasn’t able to get on the 13 foot 160 pole enough to clear a height so that didn’t help my confidence.
Oh well, at least I have my work cut out for me, sigh…

I high jumped on Saturday at the NW Senior games and cleared 4’9″ which is pretty good for me.  That was 2nd overall and first in my age group.
Here’s a shot from practice on the 11th that pretty much sums it up. This is on the 12’6 140 pole, so it is a bit soft for me, but it should bend strongly if I’m doing my job.

Well, I now have the runway fixed so I can practice when the weather allows —  it has been iffy weather for a while.  I’ll work on components one by one and see if I can put them together.  I need to get over to McKane’s facility but I’m having trouble with mainly the time commitment of about 3 hours travel for each visit plus the ferry cost each way.  I’ve been working on strength training for my upper body and hope that when I get technique worked out it will translate into more vertical, but the past week or so has been pretty depressing.

Here’s a couple of shots of the refurbished runway and sections still to be repaired:

Dipicts old section of runway with rotted boards

A section of runway in not bad shape (upside down piece)


picture of worst piece of runway

Worst segment of runway


On a more positive note, I seem to be doing a better job of hitting the box upright so I don’t hit the uprights.  I had a problem with that the second helf of last summer and it killed my confidence.  I’m happy to say that running with Chuck this winter has improved the health of my hip and hamstring muscles.  I think I assumed I would stay in shape last summer just by vaulting and I can safely say I was wrong.  Having a kidney stone didn’t help much either.

So, rebuilding confidence and technique seem to be the order of the day.  You’ll see how I do during the summer.


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