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Working to get back to form

The journey to excellence is a rough road in my case.  I kind of knew that last summer’s Senior Games at Houston was something of an outlier — I had concentrated hard on improving and worked with Jay at Anytime Fitness on conditioning, McKane Lee at ProVault on technique, and with Brad Moore at Sequim High School following his techniques for teaching young vaulters.  It all came to a head with exceptional weather conditions and luck at Houston.  After that came loss of some technique (straight arm and having trouble getting vertical), kidney stones, and some sort of hip problem on my left hip that was quite painful.  First I had to get back to health, so I finally started running steadily (I had made the mistake of believing that all the conditioning work would mean I didn’t have to run — WRONG!) and began to see results in reduction of pain — yeah!  McKane had successfully shown me my abysmal upper body strength so I began working on  some arm and abdomen exercises with the help of Jay.   We had a lot of vaulters this year in track, so that kind of slowed down my personal vaulting training and the home pit was in need of repair so I fixed it back up.  I really miss working with McKane but the 3 hours each way and the cost of travel is a massive barrier to going over, not to mention that we have fallen into a rhythm of daily schedules that forces us to overcome that barrier before doing anything else.  My results from the NW Senior games helped me realize that my form has reverted pretty badly, but wasn’t unsalvageable.  The northwest weather isn’t exactly conducive to practice anyway, but that is more a willpower issue than anything else.  I’ve started working on my left arm and driving my right hand down to my thigh, but it is largely a relearning effort.  I start to think about my takeoff and slow down before I get to the box.  My right knee flexes and then straightens.

So… right now is still (after several years) about trying to get to the pole and then stay on the pole.  The left arm has to work if I’m going to get on heavier poles (a philosophical issue you will read me discuss later!).


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