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SHS Pole Vaulting 2013

I am very impressed with the number of pole vaulters we have had turn out this year. We have had four men and seven women turn out. Most are first year vaulters. The number has stabilized to three men (two second year) and six women (two second year). All have cleared heights in competition. While they may be frustrated with wanting to make faster progress, they are showing steady improvement. I’m learning a lot about coaching and wish I were better. Coach Moore is a good coach and has a knack for helping vaulters get to the next level. Our top male vaulter is just about ready to make a step change to 11 feet and beyond. Our two top female vaulters are at eight feet and both are on the cusp of improvement. I was gone for a month in the early season and regret the loss of momentum, but it is encouraging to see the desire and improvement in the vaulters.