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Well, Chuck developed an injury over the summer. We believe it came from several things: 1) participating in 11 events at the Bremerton Senior Games, 2) trying out a pole vault training device, and 3) not knowing when to quit. He first started noticing some pain in his abdomen after the Senior Games. We implemented a training device in my carport (more on that later) and Chuck appears to have aggravated his injury trying to invert himself using the device. The injury turned out to be a hernia, but it took a number of months for doctors to confirm it and perform surgery. He is now the proud possessor of a mesh to stop the hernia. This reminds me of when Chuck tested his heart pain by going running. He kept wanting to test the pain in his abdomen by trying more inversion drills, which happen to put extreme strain on the abdominal area. As a loyal son, now I’m wondering if I’ll also get a hernia. After his repair heals we’ll take it slowly before doing too much with pole vault drills. He’s doing fine and well on the road to full recovery– already planning to train for the Discovery Marathon.