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Summer vaulting for the Milliman Boys

This spring we had a good time vaulting with the youth at the high school. Finally high school vaulting was over and Chuck finished running the Discovery Marathon (at 81 years, no less!) – so we could start our own summer vaulting schedule.
Our first meeting was the Seattle Classic. I cleared 10 feet and was not too happy with that.
At the Alki Swashbuckler meet I cleared 10’6″ and Chuck cleared 5’8″. Neither of us were completely pleased with our heights but enjoyed the meet thoroughly, even with a little rain.
The next meet, at the Pacific Northwest Master’s championships I came in second to Dan Guinn at a 10’6″ vault on number of attempts. Great fun, but both of us wanted to do better 🙁

Finally at the Washington State Senior Games I cleared 11’9″! What a day! This was the qualifier for the National Senior Games in Minneapolis in 2015. Dan was fighting an injury, and with this breakout day I jumped 27 inches higher than my closest competitor.
I think I went better because we had started vaulting together with friends on Monday nights and also I worked three times with McKane Lee at his training facility over in Seattle. This must have helped some though it was clear from my videos that I could’ve done much better. I’m still fighting to get to the pole and stay on it.
So this is the best I have done since high school. I went 11’7″ at the Houston National Senior Games in 2011 towin my age division. In high school in an informal meet I once went 12’3″ so I’m feeling very good about this year, only six inches less than my lifetime best! It might actually be possible that with a little more endurance and continuing to work on my technique, I might actually be able to clear 12 feet. Who knows, but I never even dreamed of clearing 11’9″ this summer!