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Fall 2014 recovery and readiness for the next season

Bummer! I just found I had miscategorized my posts over the summer. They are now categorized properly, so you can look back to see what has been going on.

This fall I’ve been working on my core training. Rosaura encouraged me to join her in boot camp at Anytime Fitness and it has been very good for me. Having someone keeping the intensity going helps me do a better job of full body conditioning. I don’t like getting up at 5:30 in the AM, but that’s part of why it is called boot camp.

I seemed to make some progress last summer in being a little stronger in core strength that translated to being able to swing a little better. I will continue my multi-year work to get to the pole and stay on it.

I hope to go to McKane Lee’s facility a few times this winter to keep in tune. My pit is closed up for the year while it is cold and wet.