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Spring 2015 High School Track nearly complete

We have had a good spring. All our vaulters have shown improvement and we have made some progress in teaching technique, though the journey is not nearly complete.  We explored using a vaulting platform this year and it was a rousing success.  Our vaulters can work on technique without the added complexity of the run and the location of the plant foot at take-off.  I got the idea from McKane Lee at Tukwila because it had helped me so much.  After initial trials, Coach Moore has encouraged us to use it as a beginning at each practice.

Our seniors are showing the results of hard work and maturity and we are very proud of them.  Josh has made 13’9″ so far this year and has more to go.  Ricky has shown great improvement each year and has a chance to go above 11′.  Emily is steady as a rock and finally beginning to swing smoothly to vertical.  She has potential to make a big height improvement this week at subdistricts, so we will be working hard on finishing the vault, hoping for 8′ to 9′.  Alyse is a newcomer as a senior and as shown steady improvement, already jumping 9′.  Who knows what her upside is?  Our younger vaulters are showing steady improvement.  I’m hoping our vaulting teaching technique continues to improve to give them the chance to maximize their potential.

As the season winds down, now it is time for Chuck and I to start concentrating on our own technique and conditioning so we can compete at the National Senior Games in Minneapolis in July.  We are starting to recover from the shock of the cost of going there and are hoping we both can have a good time and possibly even place well in the competition.  Chuck as usual is competing in every sport and its brother, while I’m adding the high jump this year (for fun).  Coaching a higher performing vaulter such as Josh has helped me understand how to refine technique more, so I hope it carries over to my vaulting.  If so, then I’ll probably owe Josh a big thanks.