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SHS vaulters post good year 2015

It was another good year for pole vaulters at Sequim High School.  Our senior vaulters all did very well, dominating most meets.  Josh went to state with a high of 13’9″.  While vaulted 13′ at state, he came in tenth a rep rented our school well.  I learned so much from him as we tried to work through the techniques required to finish completely vertical.  One more week and I think he would have had a breakthrough.  Emily had trouble returning to her 2014 form but began pulling it all together the last few weeks.  That’s an area where I need to learn to coach better – the swing to vertical.  Alyse was a one year student showing great potential, but it was sad to only get one year.  Rickie kept on showing improvement every year a placed in most meets, clearing 11′ several times.  I’ll deeply miss all of them.  While we have a few returning younger vaulters, they haven’t spent much time training, so we have a long way to go.  There are several promising new freshmen, but we’ll have to see in which events they are needed.  I’ve picked up a few techniques this year including using the vault platform and drills to better teach extending off the top of the pole.  Now I’m transitioning to my summer schedule – ME!, which I’ll cover in my next post.  Hopefully I will learn to improve my own technique from what we learned together this year.