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Washington State Senior Games 2018 — qualifying for 2019 Nationals

Our schedule was impacted pretty heavily by some personal health events and schedule conflicts, so I was wondering how well I would do at the Senior Games.  This was my first competition of the year, so my expectations were low.  Chuck has been battling a hip injury also, so has to manage that at his competitions.  He participated in the West Sound Senior Games and the Northwest Masters Championships and was still hanging in there with his hip.

USATF Outdoor Masters were the next week, so I was viewing the Senior Games as twofold: a warmup for USATF and qualifying for 2019 National Senior Games in Albuquerque.

As reported in my prior post, the Opening Ceremony was a hoot!  We were presented an award for Personal Best by the National and Local Senior Games Leaders and our hero Brad Walker, US Record Setting and Olympic Pole Vaulter.

Here’s an article: http://nsga.com/news/olympic-surprise-in-olympia-washington

On competition day we did fine, I vaulted 10 feet, which was better than I expected.  Russell Jacquet-Acea showed significant improvement and gave me a tough battle for first place, but I perservered!  I was just happy to clear a height and qualify for Nationals.  I was super pleased my brother and his daughter came to watch.  I was struggling with my hamstrings on my last vault and he advised me to save myself for next week’s USATF championship.  Smart move!  See my next blog on the USATF track meet.  Chuck also cleared 4-0 in the pole vault, not good, but qualified for Nationals and didn’t aggravate his hip too much.  Dan McGuire helped him manage his injury enough to make the height.  I had attended a pole vault camp with Tim Reilly and Pat Licari and once again was reminded about how slow my progress is and how quickly I relapse to poor technique (not by them, they were great!).  10 feet is good, but when I review photos I see how much more I could do (bummer!)

On to the high jump!  My hamstrings were fine, but my lack of competition showed pretty dramatically — I jumped 4-3 and tied for second.  Five inches less than last year’s nationals, but good enough to qualify for next year’s National Senior Games – yay!  Chuck jumped 2-5, which is not good either, but it qualifies him also.

So, all in all, we are close to our historic levels, qualified for next year’s Nationals, had a great time at Opening Ceremonies, and had a lot of family come and join us for the good time!  Chuck and are managing our health carefully and hope to be in prime form soon, though we’ll see for USATF Nationals.