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Category — Pole Vault Tips and Techniques

Core training for leg swing

At our exercise facility we have a leg swing tool that helps build core abdominal strength and reinforces the drive knee with a long trailing leg,

Click below for the demonstration:

Leg whip exercise

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Core training for stretch at take-off

This core training exercise helps with flexibility and upper arm push at beginning of takeoff during the pole vault.

Click on the link to see the exercise:
Overhead push exercise

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Core training to push hands to thighs

I use this exercise to build arm strength for the swing phase of the vault, particularly for pushing the arms down to the thighs and just general conditioning.

I hold the web straps with my body at a lean – the steeper the lean the more I work.

Click the link to see the drill:

Demonstrate exercise for pushing hands to thighs

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High Bar Inversion Drills

One recommended training technique is to use a high bar to practice keeping the trailing leg straight when swinging through to the pop-up to vertical.  There are a number of references, such as in Beginner to Bubka, the reference on my home page box to park drills, and some examples in my blog of Chuck and me attempting to perform some inversion drills.  I’ve got some new video I’ll post soon to demonstrate some techniques I’ve learned here at the local high school.

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Left leg pendulum drill

Run up to the edge of the pit, step up on the pit with your right leg, somewhat simulating a right knee drive, and kick your left leg through, keeping it long (lefties reverse the legs). Videos to come.

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Right knee drive drill

Run up to the pit (not the box, but on the front pads beside the box) and push off with your left leg, leaving it long, and drive with your right knee, trying to see how far you can go (of course lefties reverse the legs).  Videos to come.

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Pole vault box protector tip

Tony Salmon, a pole vaulter in my age group at Kamloops recommended using shower curtain rod sleeves as a protector from damage to the pole by the box during the vault.  This requires much less tape than just taping the pole and is more durable.

March 8, 2010   No Comments