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John Altendorf Clearing 4.05 meters at World Masters Indoor Pole Vault Kamloops

We were the 55 to 59 age group for the pole vault at the Kamloops World Masters Indoor track meet. We were in the call room, waiting for hours for our chance to jump.  The previous crowd of vaulters was running slow.  When it was apparent that much time was still to go they let us leave the call area, so we went around and got in the stands to watch some of the 60+ vaulters.  They only gave us 20 minutes.  We came back down and groused about not being able to see John.  We got tidbits of information.  We heard a roar and groans for each missed attempt at 4.02 and then great cheers when he cleared 4.02.  The other events being completed, they escorted us finally to the center of the track to watch the final vaults.  We got there after John had cleared 4.05 meters, setting a record at 4.02 and setting it even higher at 4.05.  My father took a great video of the 4.05 attempt, but it is too long to show here.  John was sitting in his chair contemplating the jump, looking very focused and almost pensive.  Then he noticed someone in the crowd, smiled, gave a thumbs up, and stood up and began the preparations for the vault.  I have included the actual vault in the video clip.  You can see the 4.05 meter sign go by as he runs up for his vault. 

I shall be reviewing this one for some time to improve my pole vault skills.

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Results from World Master’s Pole Vault in Kamloops

We had a great time.  John Altendorf set a new world record for the over 60 age group with a vault of 4.02 meters, then promptly broke it again with a pole vault of 4.05 meters.  We were in the call room, so couldn’t watch, but could hear the moans on his first two misses at 4.02 and then the cheers at 4.02 and then 4.05.  We had been waiting for over an hour and a half from when we were supposed to be vaulting, so it was a bit frustrating not to be vaulting and having our muscles cool down, but  the excitement of getting updates was great.  We managed to get the chaperones to let us out to watch early in the competition, then finally at the very end they relented and escorted us out to watch from the center of the track, but by then John was already done vaulting.  I’m curious as to why he sometimes wears his helmet and then not others.  My dad got a great video of both attempts.  It is a bit too long to show here, but I’ll try and pare it down for YouTube and this site. 

Here’s John with the sign indicating the new world record:

John Altendorf with new age record pole vault height of 4.05 meters

My dad, AKA Chuck, vaulted 6 feet 3 inches for a silver medal.  That was about 2 inches better than his gold medal performance at the US Senior Games in August at Stanford.  I vaulted 10 feet 3 inches for fifth place on misses.  Both of us did about where we were practicing, a couple of inches higher, so we did about what we should have done, but not as much (of course!) as we wanted.

Here’s my dad squeaking over 6’3″ at Kamloops:

Chuck in Pole Vault squeaking over 1.90 at Kamloops

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Today’s update on drive to World Master’s indoor

My dad will be vaulting in the 75-79 division on Friday and I will be vaulting in the 55-59 division.  This blog follows our progress towards the meet.  The link for Kamloops World Indoor Masters is http://www.kamloops2010masters.com/

2/28/2010 Update: Both my dad and I had our best day yet.  We put on our spikes.  My dad went over 6 feet with several inches to spare, which is great for masters.  I went over 10 feet on my 14 foot 140 (oh, for a 12 foot 150!) with several inches to spare, which sets me up to do OK at masters.  There are about 10 people there who can vault higher than me, but I’ll have fun and might get lucky.  My left hamstring got a little tight so I’m going to take it easy until the masters meet.

2/24/2010 Update: Getting some sore muscles, possibly from working on having a firmer left arm when I hit the box.  It causes the pole to bend more, which puts new, different kinds of strain on the body.  Well, hope they even out by the meet.  I’m getting pretty consistent at almost 10 feet, now comes the needed improvement in form — stronger left arm, better pop up, longer delay on popping up to get better penetration.  Once in a while I get the old feel I had in high school.  My dad is getting more consistent.  Looking pretty good for his division at Kamloops.

The link for Kamloops World Indoor Masters is http://www.kamloops2010masters.com/

We’ll be pole vaulting on Friday.

2/23/2010 update Chuck spent Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday up at Bellingham, working with Dick Henrie on improving his vaulting.  He’s doing well.  With a lot of luck he may make 7 feet at the Master’s, we’re hoping.

Today we practiced again on the high bar at a local park.  We now are beginning to realize how out of shape for pole vaulting we really are.  The goal is to get the left leg straight and swing it up after the right knee drives up.

2/22/2010 Update: I’m finally getting a feel on the pole.  I’m starting to clear around 9 and a half feet in regular clothes and tennis shoes, so I’m on track to achieve my normal height.  I’m practicing keeping my left arm from collapsing in the hope of a more efficient bend of the pole and I’m trying to work on going vertical, but it appears that will be a longer process than desired for world masters pole vault competition.  Chuck, my dad, is doing well.  He’s now practiced at Bellingham twice and is gaining confidence.  He’ll be somewhere between 6 feet and 7 feet at World Masters.  We’re hoping he’ll better that, but once again we have a longer road to better form.  It is nice to have our own pit, and the weather is finally cooperating.

I’m vaulting on a 12 foot 120 pound pole to warm up, then moving to my 14 foot 130 I bought from Becca at Pole Vault Power.  If I get really good and fast I’ll move up to my 14 foot 140, which is where I could get over 11 feet if I have a really good day.

Hey!   Beats working for a living.

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